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Why Murano

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BECAUSE the island is in a strategic location and offers direct, convenient and fast connections with the historic center of Venice and the islands of the lagoon, Burano, Torcello, Sant’Erasmo and Lido, with connections also guaranteed at night.
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BECAUSE staying on Murano means immersing yourself in the millennial glass art: guests will be accompanied by the owner on a fascinating guided visit of the furnaces, to discover ancient techniques and the secrets of glass art.
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BECAUSE it is the ideal place for lovers of art, culture and photography, and for those who wish to spend their days relaxing, forgetting the daily stress of the city and who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the evening, when the island recovers its slow pace from the past.

Points of Interest

Hotel Murano
Basilica S.S.Maria e Donato
A Masterpiece dating back to the twelfth century, it has a precious mosaic floor in addition to impressive frescoes. The external Venetian Byzantine style apse is one of a kind.
Hotel Murano
S. Pietro Martire Church and Museum
Built in the fifteenth century, it is situated along the Rio dei Vetrai and is famous for its paintings by Tintoretto and Veronese.
Hotel Murano
Glass Museum
In the old Giustiniani Palace, a precious collection of glass objects from the Roman, Medieval and Baroque times up to the twentieth century. Schedule: 10 am - 5 pm (closed Wednesdays). The permanent collection includes two goblets designed by Vittorio Zecchin and made in 1938 by Maestro Amleto Zuffi, Donatella's father, at F.lli Toso.
Hotel Murano
Berengo Museum of Contemporary Art
The Museum, opening soon, is designed as an innovated experience for Venetian reality, in that it is the first and only cultural structure dedicated to glass and contemporary art. The Museum is set in a space of about 2000 square meters in the former Domus Vetri d'Arte factory, a surprising example of industrial archaeology.

Islands of the Lagoon

Hotel Murano
Island of fishermen, famous for the production of lace and for its colorful houses.
Hotel Murano
A few dozen inhabitants, the charming landscape made of gardens, the Church of Santa Fosca and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.
Hotel Murano
Lido di Venezia
In addition to the Film Festival, it is famous for its beautiful beach.
Hotel Murano
Always considered the "garden" of Venice, it produces fruits and vegetables including purple artichokes called Castraure or Botoli.

Events in Murano

  • Spring Festival - May
  • Country Fair - July
    Three outdoor evenings dedicated to good food, music, games for all ages.
  • Regata "un remo" (one oar) - first Sunday in July
    This competition features special gondolas called “pupparini”.
  • Palio dei Quartieri - first Sunday in October
    Ancient regatta performed on the characteristic “caorline” with six oars, festively decorated along the Grand Canal of the island.
  • Natale di Vetro (Christmas in Glass): Art, shows and culture to experience and know the island during the Christmas season.
    · December 1-23: Christmas Market
    · December 6: St Nicholas, patron saint of glassmakers - Market exhibition in the parish hall.
    · December 6 - January 6: outdoor exhibition of large glass sculptures in the most charming squares on the island. Exhibitions, shows, furnace demonstrations and workshops for children. Food tastings.

Events in Venice

  • February: Venice Carnival
  • March: Venice International Boat Show
  • April 25: St. Mark, patron saint of Venice
  • May: Vogalonga
  • June - November: Venice Biennale
  • July, 3rd Saturday: Festival of the Redeemer
  • August - September: Venice Film Festival
  • September, 1st Sunday: Regata Storica
  • October: Venicemarathon
  • Novembre 21: Madonna della Salute (Our Lady of Good Health)